Half-Day, Full-Day, Weekly, & Monthly Rentals Available

All of our paddle boards are made by Bote. These are great for paddlers of all ages and abilities due to its smooth ride and effortless feel on the water.

Each paddle board comes conveniently in a backpack with the board, paddle, pump, and life jacket, allowing for the utmost convenience so you can focus on bringing the board to the location of your choice without it being a hassle. 



Stop by our storefront, grab your Paddle Board backpack, and head to the Naples Pier, Bayfront, or even a canal behind your house. You decide where you want to paddle. Unfamiliar with the area? Don't worry - one of our local experts will make sure you're headed in the right direction.


Delivery available so that island goers can experience the waterways on a Paddle Board. Tour along the Marco Island beach front, Tiger Tail Beach, or even one of the many canals. If you're wanting to be surrounded by nature, you won't be short of destinations to paddle here.





As all of our paddle board rentals come inside a backpack, it makes for easy transport to the waterway or beach of your choice. You'll no longer need to depend on delivery or have to carry the bulky board to its destination, but rather carry the backpack where ever you'd like to go. When you reach the spot you want to paddle at, simply take it out of the bag and use the pump provided to get it to the recommended PSI. When you're finished or ready to check out another location, deflate it, put it in the bag, and go on your way. It's really that simple.

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