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When looking for paddle board rentals for my family in Naples, I noticed that all of the paddle boards being rented were large, bulky, and really difficult to transport. Most of the options available had us forced to stay in one location. As we really wanted to check out a couple different areas and have them for more than a day, I was unable to find what I was looking for. 

After researching online through various styles of paddle boards, I came across Bote and their inflatable designs. As they come conveniently in a backpack containing the board, paddle, and pump it makes it convenient for paddlers to take the board anywhere they want to go. I knew this is what Southwest Florida needed to offer. Fast forward to now, we have created a rental company centered around convenience and quality. Whether you are on foot, bicycle, or a car of any size, you can bring these boards to the waterway or beach of your choice. As we offer the highest quality boards in town, you are sure to not leave disappointed. 

We now offer rentals 7 days a week in Naples & Marco Island, Florida. Our entire fleet of Paddle Boards are made by Bote which are a top brand in the industry. They are effortless and incredibly comfortable to paddle. So whether you reserve a paddle board or a beach chair, you will have the best equipment and the best staff to make your time enjoyable! Being a small family business we appreciate your support and look forward to having you join us or seeing you back again.

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